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8 Gorgeous Lipsticks for Spring 2015

One of the things I remember as a little girl about my mom is how pretty she always looked with her light brown, layered Farrah Fawcett hair. What I also remember was her stunning, fuchsia coloured lips. She almost never left the house without her lipstick, and I couldn’t wait for the day I could wear lipstick every day like her. I was actually introduced to makeup rather young since my sisters and I were competitive dancers and often wore heavy makeup on weekends to competitions. Fast forward to today and I almost never leave the house without makeup. I love any excuse to buy a new shade of lipstick or rock a new dress. High maintenance? I think not. I’m just a girl who never stopped playing dress-up!

It snowed lightly in Toronto this past weekend (can you believe it?), but with Spring weather being oh-so-near, I’ve starting wearing my favourite pink lipstick, Pink Nouveau from MAC, and have been searching for some new shades to add to my—rather large—lipstick collection.

What are your go-to lipsticks? Have you bought any new shades for spring yet?

Here are shades that are on my radar.



1. Nars ‘Geraldine tangerine | 2. MAC ‘Real Redhead‘  | 3. Lancome ‘Pink Drink‘ | 4. MAC Giambattista Valli Collection ‘Mandarin’ (available summer 2015) | 5. Estée Lauder ‘Blosson Bright‘ | 6. MAC ‘Silly’ | 7. MAC ‘Make Me Gorgeous‘ | 8. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick ‘Tangerine



Faux Fur Favourites

If this year’s winter weather has taught me one thing about myself it is that I do not nearly dress warm enough for our Canadian winters. I swear my feet have been cold since November! No matter where you live, you’ve likely heard all about the Arctic freeze the East Coast has been experiencing the last few months. February was the coldest month on record in Toronto. My chihuahuas, Jazzy and Zeus, love nothing more than burowing in my white faux fur couch throw. Faux fur has made such a comeback in recent years and I’m loving all the variety of clothing styles available. I purchased this faux fur hat from ASOS (probably the warmest winter item I own) and have been wearing it almost every single day. Warm and stylish – can you really ask for more when battling the ‘Siberian Express?’

Here are more faux fur favourites I have been eyeing lately.

Faux Fur Favourites

Brown Coat: here | Black Coat: here | Pink Coat: here | Ear Muffs: here | Leopard Coat: here



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