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Style Parade Weekly

I have been dreaming up Style Parade in my head for years—what it means and what I want to share. It is a collection of everything I love. A fashion and lifestyle blog to inspire everything from your wardrobe to your home to your next soiree. My mantra? “Love It, Live It, Wear It

It has been just over two weeks now since I launched Style Parade. While I have a lot planned for my little blog, I am still figuring out the back and front end of blogging, and navigating my way through the whole process. Eventually I would like to have a weekly editorial calendar in place with fashion, home and entertaining features. Stay tuned for more on that.


Style Parade Weekly Roundup

  • On Sunday I returned from a weekend retreat in Florida with my work colleagues (all 100 of us!) Did you catch my resort outfit inspiration last week?
  • This week I posted about refreshing the rooms in your home by changing your throw pillows with the seasons.
  • Head-to-toe in camel. I highlighted my favourite camel coloured items to wear this fall/winter.
  • For those of you who follow your favourite blogs in Bloglovin, I am pleased to announce that Style Parade has now been added to the site!
  • My chihuahuas (yes, I have two of them) were featured on the Dogs of Toronto Facebook page. Proud mama here!

And, last but not least, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Keeping with tradition, tonight I will watching Sarah Jessica Parker (pre-‘Sex and the City’) in Hocus Pocus and enjoying a glass or two (or maybe a bottle?) of Cabernet Sauvignon.

I just love these hot pink velvet pumpkins from Love Feast Shop!

Pink Velvey Pumkins


Image source: Love Feast Shop