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Europe Packing Essentials

With my Europe trip fast approaching I’ve been thinking about travel essentials – the items I will use daily and things that will make my trip easier and more comfortable.

Reading material is a must for long flights. I stopped in at Indigo this weekend and picked up a copy of the book What I was doing while you were breeding by Kristin Newman. The sexy travel memoir is written by a sitcom writer who, after a painful breakup in her 20s, took off to Europe on an adventure of a lifetime. After that, she would jet off to exotic destinations year-after-year with friends and then eventually on her own when her girlfriends became either “too married or too pregnant” to travel with her. I’ve heard it is very revealing and funny and I can’t wait to start reading it on my way to Rome!

I had been wanting to invest in a quality suitcase, such as TUMI or Delsey, for a while now and ended up settling on this navy Delsey suitcase. Not only is it my favourite colour, but I got it for 60% off at Wayfair!

Last year I bought a Canon Rebel T3 as my first DLSR camera. I still have no idea how to use it beyond the automatic settings so I’ve signed up to take a beginner’s level workshop this Saturday. As much as I love my iPhone, I want to have nice, quality photos to remember my Mediterranean adventure. I also can’t wait to tote my Canon around in this cognac leather camera bag that I recently invested in. Love it!

Other travel essentials on my list include a travel comfort set, headphones, earplugs and a water bottle. As tempting as this luxurious cashmere travel set is, I will have to settle on a much less expensive version, such as this navy set from Amazon.

What are your must-have travel items?

Travel Essentials

1. Kindle | 2. Book | 3. Lens | 4. Camera | 5. Camera Bag | 6. Travel Set | 7. Water Bottle |    8. iPhone 6 | 9. Headphones | 10. Suitcase