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By the Sea in Portovenere

Europe 2015 502

Welcome to my fifth installment of Travel Tuesday. Today I am continuing to share photos of day five of my Contiki Mediterranean Highlights tour.

After a quick stop in Pisa to see the Leaning Tower we headed north to the Province of La Spezia. The province is best known for the Cinque Terre (“five lands”), the five seaside villages in the cliffs along the rugged portion of the Italian Riviera. The towns are accessible by boat or train.

In order for us to get to the Cinque Terre, we were dropped off in one of the neighbouring towns called Portovenere. As we got off the bus and began walking down the path to the water, I remember thinking how special this place was. Though not technically in the Cinque Terre, the town is equally stunning and offers similar striking sea views. Portovenere is just plain beautiful!

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The last two photos I took from the ferry as we pulled out of the harbour and sailed towards the Cinque Terre. Next week in part six of Travel Tuesday I’ll be sharing photos of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.



Style Parade Weekly

Happy Friday! It has been six months since I last updated Style Parade. I have to give regular bloggers credit who are able to balance a full-time job and maintain regular blog posting. I have a job that requires me to be on the computer for at least eight hours a day and when I get home from work I try really hard not to spend a lot of time online. That being said, I’ve missed sharing my favourite fashion and decor finds and travel photos so I am REVIVING Style Parade starting today!

Europe 2015 608

If you haven’t already guessed, this photo is from my Europe trip last summer (I can’t believe it has almost been a year!). I did Travel Tuesday posts of my adventures in Rome, Tuscany and Florence, but I still have so many I want to share of the Italian Riviera and my time in France and Spain. Next Tuesday I will be sharing photos of Italy’s Portovenere on the Italian Riviera. The above is a preview of what’s to come!

You may recall that before I left for Europe I created a packing list for Italy. I’ve been asked about what I wore in the French Riviera (since I haven’t posted any pictures) so I am working on a blog post of Riviera-inspired wear which will be a mix of items I wore in France and, for all of you heading to the French Riviera yourself this summer, new 2016 finds on my lust list. This will be published next week too so stay tuned!

A few of my favourites from the week:

  • Cures for under eye circles via Byrdie Beauty
  • This summer top from Madewell is perfect to wear with white jeans (try these) this summer
  • A highlight reel of the history of stripes by J Crew
  • I just pinned this polished shirtdress by Eliza J (also loving this one and this one)
  • My favourite pin of the week. Don’t forget to follow Style Parade on Pinterest

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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